Distance Education requires the student to have a nominated ‘onsite supervisor’ monitoring their progress. This supervisor is typically a parent.

In this role, you are the first point of contact with the school in the event that there is an issue to discuss relating to your child's learning.

You will be responsible for supporting the academic integrity of our program in your home or in the place where your child is learning. We have systems in place to discourage cheating and plagiarism but ultimately the integrity of the program lies in the hands of the student and yourself as the supervisor.

You will be responsible for completing an attendance record for your child and you will be responsible for notifying the school in the event that your child is sick or absent from the school day.

You will be responsible for helping to create a good learning environment for your child which includes having access to a good computer (we recommend the Apple MacBook Air or any laptop/desktop less than 5 years old), a scanner (or an iPhone/iPad with a scanning app), a printer, and reliable access to broadband Internet. You will take care of issues like the students desk, chair and lighting.

You will help to provide structure and accountability for your child as they study by using our timetable or developing your own timetable. You will use the systems that we provide as an additional check and balance for your child as they go through the school day. For example, we design the structure of our courses so that you need to complete two lessons per course over the school term. One way that you can provide accountability is to simply ask your child, “What lesson are you up to?” This will give you a good idea of their progress through the school term. We also monitor this program online at the school.

You will continue to support and encourage your child (just like you always have done) by encouraging their participation in local community programs for sport, the arts and anything else that they’re interested in. You will also be our ‘eyes and ears’ in the distance education classroom, helping us to partner with you for the success of your child.

Your role is really no different to the role that you are already doing as a parent who is concerned about your child reaching their potential. The nice thing is that you can continue in this role without having to worry about dealing with factors outside of your control such as bullies in a classroom environment.

You don’t have to worry about lesson plans and making sure that your child has something to do - we have that covered!

You don’t have to worry about helping your child with subjects that you were not good at in high school - our teachers do the teaching. That being said, you are an integral part of the learning journey. We value your contribution.