If you are ready to take your first step into distance education, this form is for you! However, if you have more questions, please complete an 'Enrolment Enquiry'. By completing this online application form, you are telling the College that you would like to apply for enrolment at ACC. Complete this form once for each child that you would like to enrol in distance education. You only need to provide the parent/legal guardian details once.

If we have any questions about your application, we will contact you.

Each Application for Enrolment is to include copies of relevant documentation which can be uploaded via the form below or emailed to the College at moreton@acc.edu.au.

  • Proof of Nationality
  • Fee payment form (Click here to download)
  • Two recent report cards
  • Custody orders/parenting agreements
  • If applicable documents relating to students with disability
  • A passport quality photograph with student smiling

Once all documents have been provided, an enrolment interview will be scheduled with a DE staff member.

A fee payment form will need to be completed and emailed to the school along with all the other required documentation. We can not complete your enrolment application until all documentation is completed correctly and processed.

It is important that you read through the Student Enrolment Contract to become fully aware of the conditions of enrolment.

After your application is processed, which will take up to five working days, we will contact you to explain the induction process into distance education.

An application does not guarantee a place at the College.